Gina Hibbs


  • Years Walking: 1
  • Years with Austin FIT: 1
  • Number of Half Marathons: 1
  • Favorite Race: San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • Goal: Compete in two full marathons and a couple of half marathons in 2013.

Gina was an athlete growing up, and though she put her own athletic pursuits on the back burner for 25 years to raise her sons, she’s back! Gina joined the program last year to burn some energy, relieve some stress, and find something constructive to do with her time.

Last year, the walking group Gina was with set out for an eight-mile course but missed one of their turns because she was distracted by a conversation she was having with an assistant coach. Her husband called to check on her and began lecturing her on the dangers of heat, dehydration and the “I told you so’s.” It was then and there she decided she would prove to him she could finish. Gina will never forget the feeling of accomplishment she felt as she walked into the TxDot Parking lot; she had walked almost 11 miles and she was still ALIVE.

It was from that point on that she looked forward to meeting up every week and walking in her first half marathon — the November 2012 San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll.  She finished 13.1 miles in 3:11 and has already signed up for 26.2 in November.