About the Training

Austin FIT members are just like you. We each decided one day that we would like to get into better shape, make new friends, and perhaps run a half or full marathon! Some of us are just starting, others have been running for a while, and some are Boston Marathon qualifiers. But regardless of the specifics, we all share one common goal: Get Fit & Have Fun!

The general format of Austin FIT is as follows:

  • An organized training run each Saturday morning with a group of runners whose training pace is similar to yours. Each pace group is designated by a color: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Orange.
  • A seminar on hydration, training, yoga, nutrition or other fitness-related topic is presented the first six Saturdays before our run to help you learn the fundamentals of successfully improving your fitness. Then, seminars will be held during the week at Luke’s Locker or through the weekly newsletter. Raffle drawings for fun prizes will be held before the seminar.
  • Time for discussion with your color group members and instruction from your coaches each week before/after the run. After the run groups stretch and perform foot drills before heading out for a group breakfast (optional).
  • A schedule of training runs to be completed each week on your own, or if you choose, with other members of your color group.
  • Weekly speed training sessions once the group has built a sufficient training base to handle speed work safely and comfortably (about six weeks into the program).
  • Injury prevention provided by Sports Medicine professionals who are on-site every Saturday until the last participant finishes!

Twenty-six weeks isn’t that long a time when you’re among friends all working toward a common goal. But the even greater benefit is what happens when you conquer your own personal challenges. Our members are fitter, happier, and mentally stronger than they’ve ever been before. Through this training, people change their lives forever.

So come on and join us! We’re saving you a spot.