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Infinite Fitness

Infinite Fitness is Northwest Austins newest performance gym. Infinite Fitness utilizes High Density Training to build lean muscle and increase performance without the risk of getting injured. Look for Jonas and his team at Austin Fit supporting our benchmarks, providing seminars and providing goodies after a long training run or walk.
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Restore Cryotherapy

Launched in Austin, Texas - Restore is now the leading retail provider of Hyper Wellness services in the United States. We coined the phrase Hyper Wellness because it exemplifies our approach: offer cutting edge services that produce dramatic results, make people feel better every time they visit, and hyper stimulate the body’s natural defense mechanisms.…
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Austin Fit is pleased to partner with HealthCode, an Austin based non-profit, whose mission is to empower people to live healthier lives. We encourage our Austin Fit community to join us in HealthCode’s quarterly virtual events. These are great opportunities to add another notch to your work out goals, by capturing all activity for that…
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Staying Hydrated by Austin FIT Coach Dan

Staying Hydrated By Coach Dan We have discussed the importance of staying hydrated during your long-runs and races.  We also mentioned that, to accomplish this, you must begin your run properly hydrated and must drink enough fluid to replace what you are losing through sweat and respiration.  In order to replace your fluid losses, you…
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Coach Irene

Walking Coach: Pace 14 Plus Irene has been walking with Austin Fit for 3 years and has coached the walkers for 2 sessions.  Her first year, she completed a half marathon and throughout her walking “career” has participated in 10 10K run/walks. Her favorite races are the ones she does with her grandson and son (he…
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