Beth Wilson


  • Years Walking:  2
  • Years with Austin Fit: 1
  • Number of Half Marathons: 2
  • Favorite Race: ASH Dash, Uptown Classic
  • Goal: Helping others achieve their goal of changing their lives

After spending a lifetime (47 years) being as inactive as humanly possible, Beth found out she needed to have her hip replaced. Taking this as a wake-up call, she started to change her eating habits and looked for ways to move. The problem was there were so many excuses not to: she couldn’t run thanks to the hip; her bicycle tire was always flat; she couldn’t do most of the moves on exercise DVDs or in classes due to a limited range of motion in her hips, etc. Someone suggested walking and she found it hard to come up with excuses, so off she went. She started signing up for 5ks and used the fear of finishing so late that they’d be picking up the traffic cones to motivate herself to walk more during the week. At one 5k, she heard about a marathon training program. After swallowing her nerves, she signed up for Austin Fit last year with the goal of walking a half marathon, finishing before the cones were picked up, and, quite simply, not dying in the process. Thanks to Austin Fit those goals were achieved.