Fall Coaches

Linda After Workout for Website

Coach Linda

Organizer - Coach


  • Years Running – 20+
  • Years with Austin Fit – 9
  • Number of Marathons – 15
  • Half Marathons – 11
  • Favorite Race – 3M
  • Goal – Run a full or half marathon in all 50 states

Linda is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through NASM who enjoys the art of fitness. Linda coordinates a local boot camp in her community and is always amazed at how people become receptive to exercise by simply being exposed to it. Linda is a Personal Trainer at UT – Division of Recreational Sports and a Professor at Huston Tillotson University

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Coach Janice

Head Coach - Team Fit - Summer & Fall


  • Years Running: 30+
  • Years with Austin Fit: 8
  • Number of Marathons: 23
  • Number of 50K: 3
  • Favorite Race:  Medoc Marathon – France (wine stops and costumes)
  • Years doing Triathlons: 20
  • 140.6 Ironmans:  4 and 70.3 Ironmans: 7
  • MS150 rides: 12
  • Goal:  Live a Good Story

Coach Janice enjoys sharing her training and racing experiences and stories.  She also enjoys traveling and believes the best races are those you travel to with a group of friends.  In addition to being an Austin Fit Fall Red Group Head Coach for several years, where she created many of the running routes used by Austin Fit Saturday long run groups, she has also coached triathlon training groups, and provided “Tour Guide” monologues during many Saturday long runs.  This season Janice takes over Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Feel free to ask her about stretching routines, hydration and nutrition options for a wide range of races and conditions, and about her many “destination” races.


Coach Rafael

Head Coach - Green Marathon Group (8:59 and below)


  •  # Years Running  – 23 Years
  • # Years with Austin Fit – 15 Years
  • # of Half or Full Marathons  – 15 Full Ironmans and 8 Full Marathons
  • Favorite Race  – Ironman Lanzarote Spain
  • Goal – My goal is to get my runners to the starting line ready and pumped to go!  I want them to have a great experience at running and not feel overwhelmed with the process.

Rafael has a lot of experience in long distance sports. He has learned from some of the sports great professional athletes in Triathlon and Cycling.  Feel free to pick his brains on any questions you might have.  He is open to providing feedback on running form and training plans.

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Satwinder Kahlon

Head Coach - Yellow Marathon Group (9:20 - 9:39)

  • Years Running:  9
  • Years with Austin Fit:  4
  • Number of marathons:  8
  • Favorite Race:  Los Angeles
  • Goal:  to see everyone in his group finish the race strong

 Satwinder has been running marathons since 2005.  Before getting into long distances, he has always enjoyed running, earlier short distances.  He has been with Austin Fit since 2010.

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Capitol Tri_3000_P8

Coach Dan

Head Coach - Red Full Marathon Group (10:20-10:40)


  • Years running: 14
  • Number of marathons: 7
  • Number of half marathons: 21
  • Number of Austin Distance Challenges: 3
  • Number of Ironmans: 1
  • Number of Half Ironmans: 3
  • Favorite race: the next Ironman

Dan is a Master Trainer with 24 Hour Fitness where he has provided clients with more than 4,000 hours of personal training. He also created the Run 24 program.  He holds four certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine; Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Performance, Corrective Exercise and Fitness Nutrition. He is also a licensed massage therapist. Dan began training formally for long-distance runs with the Austin Ramblers in 2000 and has coached two seasons with Austin Fit.

Dan enjoys getting people to the starting line feeling fit, confident and ready to race.

Cassandra Medrano

Coach Cassandra

Head Coach - Orange Full Marathon Group (11:00 - 12:30)


  • # of Years Running:  15
  • # Years with Austin Fit: 14
  • # of Half Marathons:  8
  • # of Full marathons:  22
  • Favorite Race:  Moe’s Better Half Marathon
  • Goal:  Run the Boston marathon, continue education, promote autism awareness, and believe in my dreams.

Cassandra Medrano is a lifetime Austin Fit coach and member. Cassandra reports that she never imagined running more than a block in her life, but in 2001 a friend of hers had a crazy idea for them to run a marathon (which she realized during the 2nd week of training that meant 26.2 miles) but she still agreed.

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Coach David

Head Coach - Orange Fall Half Marathon (11-12:30)


  • # Years Running – 8 Years
  • # Years with Austin Fit – 6 Years
  • # of Half or Full Marathons – 3 Full and 4 Half Marathons
  • Favorite Race – Austin Marathon I enjoy running up hills.
  • Goal – Ensure that Austin Fit members have fun while reaching their goals

Be it running or riding, David enjoys long distance events.  He especially likes the friends you make while training with groups.  After all, the comradery you develop while training can take you a long way on long distance runs.  To me Austin Fit is about health, excitement of training and the friends you make while reaching your desired goals.