Summer Coaches

Linda After Workout for Website

Coach Linda

Organizer - Fall Red Group Head Coach


  • Years Running – 20+
  • Years with Austin Fit – 9
  • Number of Marathons – 15
  • Half Marathons – 11
  • Favorite Race – Chicago
  • Goal – Run a full or half marathon in all 50 states

Linda is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through NASM who enjoys the art of fitness. Linda coordinates a local boot camp in her community and is always amazed at how people become receptive to exercise by simply being exposed to it. Linda is a Professor at Huston Tillotson University where she enjoys [Read more…]

Coach Janice

Head Coach - Team Fit - Summer & Fall


  • Years Running: 30+
  • Years with Austin Fit: 8
  • Number of Marathons: 23
  • Number of 50K: 3
  • Favorite Race:  Medoc Marathon – France (wine stops and costumes)
  • Years doing Triathlons: 20
  • 140.6 Ironmans:  4 and 70.3 Ironmans: 7
  • MS150 rides: 12
  • Goal:  Live a Good Story

Coach Janice enjoys sharing her training and racing experiences and stories.  She also enjoys traveling and believes the best races are those you travel to with a group of friends.  In addition to being an Austin Fit Fall Red Group Head Coach for several years, where she created many of the running routes used by Austin Fit Saturday long run groups, she has also coached triathlon training groups, and provided “Tour Guide” monologues during many Saturday long runs.  This season Janice takes over Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Feel free to ask her about stretching routines, hydration and nutrition options for a wide range of races and conditions, and about her many “destination” races.

Ryan Hess

Coach Ryan

Head Coach - Green Half & Full Marathon (7:00 to 8:30)


  • Years Running – 15 +

Ryan ran track and cross country at Round Rock High School where he led the team to regionals in 2004. After high school, Ryan ran for two years at Adams State in Alamosa, Colorado. He has also run for Texas Team Mizuno where he competed in road races throughout Central Texas. Ryan has been a Boston Marathon runner for many year and just ran Boston again this year. Ryan first started working for RunTex in 2006 as a sales associate, which soon led to a management position. He became store manager for RunTex Lake Austin as well as RunTex Riverside. Due to years of proven experience Ryan excels in customer service, product knowledge, industry knowledge. Ryan has been a Boston Marathon runner for many year and just ran Boston again this year. Ryan is looking forward to joining Austin Fit’s coaching team and helping runners seeking a 7 to 8:59 pace achieve their running goal.


Coach Sandy

Head Coach - Yellow Full & Half Marathon Groups


  • Years Running: 15+
  • Years with Austin Fit: 5th year
  • Number of Half Marathons: 13+
  • Favorite Race: Diva Race Half Marathon in VAIL
  • Goal: Complete Texas Tri Series and 6 half marathons in one season

Sandy has been running off and on for over 15 years. One of the reason she loves to coach for Austin Fit is the amazing people she gets to meet year after year. Sandy thrives on the contagious enthusiasm of someone training for there very first 1/2 Marathon and watching them attain that goal. It is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

Brett Marathon Finish Pic

Coach Brett

Assistant Coach - Yellow Half Marathon Group (9:00 - 9:14)


  • Years Running:  20+
  • Years with Austin Fit:  3
  • # Marathons = 1; # Half Marathons = 9
  • Favorite Race: 3M
  • Goal:  Have fun, keep in shape as I get older, and help others to experience and enjoy running!

Brett has been coaching for three years with Austin Fit and has been running much of his life.  He ran cross country and track in high school and loved the camaraderie and sense of team accomplishment.  Brett’s father, Jon, is his running inspiration and a long time Cross Country coach.Running with his dad, Brett completed his first marathon in Wichita, KS.  Since that time, he has completed several half marathons and has fallen in love with that distance.  2014 is Brett’s first year coaching Austin Fit and he is excited to be part of the team!


Coach Troy

Assistant Coach - Yellow Marathon Group (9:15-9:29)


  • Years Running: 9
  • Years with Austin Fit: 7
  • Number of Marathons: 21
  • Number of Half Marathons: 11
  • Favorite Race: Walt Disney World Marathon
  • Goal: Eventually to qualify for the Boston Marathon and join the 50 States Marathon Club (12 States down!)

A few years after quitting smoking, Troy realized that he had gained quite a bit of weight. He decided to do some running to try and lose some of that weight. When a friend found out, she convinced him
to join Austin FIT. With a bit of trepidation, he joined with the idea that he might be able to do a half marathon, but a marathon was definitely out of reach for an overweight ex-smoker like him. Come the first day of training, he ran with the marathon group, knowing that if it got to be too hard, he could switch to the half marathon group. The awesome coaches of Austin FIT just pumped him up, and he followed the training. Lo and behold, that overweight ex-smoker made it to his first marathon and finished! He has come back to Austin FIT each following year to either help coach other runners or to just enjoy the camaraderie of other runners with similar goals.

Oralia Pic

Coach Oralia

Assistant Coach - Yellow Half Marathon Group (9:30-9:45)

  • Years Running – Since Elementary School
  • Years with Austin Fit: 8
  • Number of Half Marathons: 40
  • Number of Marathons: 9
  • Favorite Race:  She loves all races she has done.  For Oralia, every race is an adventure, but if she has to pick one, that is Hill Country.  She loves hills.
  • Goal:  To never stop running!  To encourage and inspire new runners by always being positive to help them to get stronger, run injury free and always to get to the finish line.

Coach Oralia is originally from Mexico.  She has loved running since her childhood.  Her first competition was a 5K in third grade and she continued running 5 and 10K’s through middle and high school.  Since then she realized “SHE IS BORN TO RUN”, but it wasn’t until 2009 when she started running long distances.  Oralia loves challenges.  She always sets goals at the beginning of the training season and works with determination, persistence, and discipline to get them.  “Training together we can get our goals, but you are the only one who has to cross the finish line to get it”.


Coach Rain

Assistant Coach - Yellow Marathon Group (9:45 - 9:59)


  • Years Running: 9
  • Years with Austin Fit: 4
  • Number of Full Marathons: 3 9:30-9:45 pace-no intervals (walk water stops and restroom breaks as needed)
  • Favorite Races: Austin Marathon – Love my home town
  • Goal: To help others achieve their goals.

Rain found running late in life.  Overcoming many obstacles she has found that running is the best medicine and she will tell you, if asked, how running saved her life.  She has coached with the Summer and Fall seasons.  Rain has completed 3 Full marathons, 6 half marathons, an Olympic distance Triathlon, Tough Mudder, and many other races.  Rain is also a registered Yoga teacher and a CrossFit Level-1 Certificate.


Coach Greg

Head Coach - Full and Half Marathon Groups (10:00-10:29)

  • Years Running –
  • Years with Austin Fit –
  • Number of Marathons –
  • Half Marathons –
  • Favorite Race –
  • Goal –
Greg owns Guthrie Lumber and Distribution Centers, Inc. off of East 7th St. He has lived in Austin all of his life and enjoys it very much. Greg started running with Austin Fit 7 years ago and became a USA Fit certified coach and this will be his 5th year coaching. Greg is currently training for his 13th Marathon in Chicago Oct.11th and New Orleans Feb. 28th. as his 14th.

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Coach Stephen

Assistant Coach - Red Full Marathon Group (10:00-10:29)


  • Years Running – 5
  • Years with Austin Fit – 4
  • Number of Marathons – 2
  • Half Marathons – 1
  • Favorite Race – Any that I finish
  • Goal – To keep fit and have Fun!

Stephen swam competitively and played water polo in college, but never did any running.  His job at UT requires him to travel extensively which eventually led to weight gain and becoming out of shape.  In 2011, he entered a fitness competition to get fit again and lost 52 pounds.  On the advice of his trainer, Stephen ran the 3M half marathon in 2012 and discovered that he enjoyed running.  He joined Austin Fit in 2012 to train for a marathon (a long-term goal) and after a few years, he found the group so “motivating and fun” that Stephen decided to participate as an Assistant Coach to help other people realize their fitness goals.


Coach Christine

Assistant Coach - Red Full Marathon Group (10:30 - 10:59)


  • Years Running: 25+
  • Years with Austin Fit: 7
  • Number of Marathons: 12
  • Number of 30Ks: 3
  • Number of Half marathons: 20+
  • Favorite Race: 3M
  • Goal (s):
    • Break 4:20 for a Full Marathon and 1:50 for a Half
    • Run injury free for a LONG time!

Christine started running in the US Army, where she served 20 years and retired.  Unfortunately, she did not really enjoy it back then and only fell in love with running after she went on a “health kick” in ’00.  Between ’00-’01 she ran numerous 5k’s, 10K’s, 2 half’s and 2 full marathons.  After that she moved from her running group in Phoenix, AZ AND also broke her ankle.  It was MANY years later that she finally found her way back to running.

Christine loves watching new runners get the “bug” and see experienced runners improve.  Her entire Red group moved up to Yellow last season and many are coaches now!!!!!


Coach Yvette

Assistant Coach - Red Half Marathon Group (10:00- 10:29)


  • # of Years Running: 6 years
  • # of Years with Austin Fit: 4 years
  • # of Full or Half Marathons: 3 half marathons
  • Favorite race was her first half marathon, the San Antonio Rock n’ Roll in 2012, but really, all races are her favorite! San Antonio was memorable, because it was the culmination of months of training, new friends made, and an accomplishment like no other.
  • Goal is to someday do a marathon, but just one!  She’d like to do the New York City Marathon one day with her husband.

Yvette began running as a way to supplement her exercise routine and to help her cope with a period of unemployment. After training for the 2012 Cap10K with some Austin Fit coaches, she was encouraged to try Austin Fit and to do a half marathon. Up until that point, she hadn’t run longer than 7 miles. Much to her surprise, she ran her first half marathon in 2012.  That first summer of training, Yvette made many great running friends who shared her passion.  In 2015, Yvette trained for the first time with the Austin Fit Fall group and added even more awesome people to her running circle.  After a few years of dealing with injuries, Yvette finally ran her second and third half marathons in early 2016, and is ready to do many more!  She is now an assistant coach for the Red Half Marathon group, where she first started four years ago.  Yvette is so grateful for all of the people she has met in Austin Fit and is excited to pay it forward as a coach!


Coach Jennifer

Assistant Coach - Red Half Marathon Group (10:00-10:29)


  • # of Years Running: 6 years
  • # of Years with Austin Fit: 5 years
  • # of Full or Half Marathons: 2 half marathons, 4 10-milers
  • Favorite race every year is Austin’s Run for the Water 10-mile event.  It’s hilly but the scenery is beautiful and it’s raises funds for such a great cause!
  • Goal is to stay injury-free this season and complete the Austin Half Marathon in 2017

Jennifer started as a casual runner before having kids and completed just a few 5k’s.  After having her first child, she decided to train for a 10k as a way to lose the stubborn baby weight without needing childcare (all it took was a jogging stroller!).  When her second child was just 4 months old, she joined Austin Fit and trained and completed her first half marathon.  After making such great running friends through Austin Fit, she continued to run with them even on the “off seasons”.  Now she regularly runs around Town Lake on her lunch breaks at work and looks forward to another training season with Austin Fit!


Coach Betsy

Assistant Coach - Red Half Marathon Group (10:30 - 10:59)


  • # of Years Running: 8 years
  • # of Years with Austin Fit: 8 years – 1 year each to have each of her two boys
  • # of Full or Half Marathons: 13 half marathons, 1 marathon, & 2 Half-Ironmans
  • Favorite race is hard to pick.  Betsy’s most proud of her Austin Half-Ironman (despite a lot more walking than she’d planned on due to the 90 degree heat during the run) and also of her first marathon this spring in New Orleans.  Most fun half-marathon was probably the Disney 1/2 with her twin brother.  They have done a lot of races together.
  • Goal is to fundraise for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in conjunction with the San Antonio race.  This will be her trial-fundraising run because one day she’d like to fundraise in order to participate in the Boston Marathon.

Betsy was a runner and race-walker in middle and high school, but didn’t run at all during college and the years after.  She returned to running when she moved from Boston to Austin and wanted to get in better shape before her wedding.  To keep up her motivation after the wedding, she signed up with AustinFit to train for her first half-marathon.  She has run with Austin Fit ever since, minus taking about a year off twice to have her two sons. She took up triathlon two years ago and has since completed two half-Ironman races with her twin brother.  This year she is an assistant coach for the half marathon and is so excited to lead a group, see old running friends, and make many new ones.

Coach Patrick

Head Coach - Orange Full Marathon Group (11:40-11:59)


  • Years Running: 7
  • Years with Austin Fit: 7
  • Number of Marathons: 2
  • Number of Half Marathons: 15
  • Favorite Race: NYC Marathon All the energy and hearing Frank sing New York New York at the start is an experience I’ll never forget.
  • Goal: PR Austin Marathon in 2016
  • Run/Walk Interval 3/1

Patrick began running in 2009 with the goal of running the Cap 10K. After completing the Cap 10K he continued to run some more 5K’s and 10K’s before deciding to train for the 3M Half. Patrick joined the Austin Fit Fall group and Austin Fit helped him train for and complete the 3M and Livestrong races. [Read more…]


Coach Kim

Assistant Coach - Orange Full Marathon Group (11:00 - 11:20)


  • # of Years Running: 15 years
  • # of Years with Austin Fit: 7 years
  • # of Full or Half Marathons: 5 Half, 5 Full
  • Favorite race:  The Marine Corp Marathon.  The MCM course is scenic and mostly flat with some small hills.  The race was extra sweet because Kim had been chasing and finally reached her marathon goal PR with lots of support of friends, the crowd and the awesome Marines.
  • Goal:  run happy, meet great, supportive people, burn off stress, laugh as much as possible, and celebrate with a great meal!

In the Fall of 2001 Kim signed up with Austin Fit (having only completed a 5K) to begin training to support a friend’s goal of running a marathon.  She proudly completed her first marathon 2 years later in 2003.  After a hiatus from racing, Kim rejoined Austin Fit in 2012 and has been consistently running and racing happy for the last 5 years.  She really enjoys watching people, especially first time marathoners, cross the finish line and is very excited to be coaching!


Coach Dave

Assistant Coach - Orange Marathon (11:20-11:40)


  • Years Running: 7
  • Years with Austin Fit: 6
  • # of Full or Half Marathons:  1 marathon and 12 half marathons
  • Favorite Race: To date is the San Antonio Rock N Roll Marathon.  Before losing 100lbs and starting this program I never thought I would feel like an athlete again.
  • Goal is to complete the San Antonio again at age 60

Dave came late to running at age 52.  After his Doctor brought to his attention that he thought he wouldn’t live very long, Dave began to address diet and lifestyle changes resulting in a weight loss of 110lbs.  Dave began running with the assistance of Coach Jen from Austin Fit.  He began training for the Cap 10K and after that joined the 1/2 marathon program.  Dave began coaching a short time later.  The Austin Fit program has made a difference in my life and I so appreciate that running is for fun and attitude embodied by this program.


Coach Jim

Assistant Coach - Orange Full Marathon Group (12+)


  • Years Running – 20
  • Years with Austin Fit – 7
  • Number of Marathons – 89
  • Half Marathons – more than 150
  • Favorite Race – Big Sur International Marathon
  • Goal – 100 Marathons

Jim is a Galloway method runner.  During the heat and humidity he does a 1 minute run and a 1 minute walk.  With cooler weather he shifts to an 80 second run and 40 second walk.

He completed the Joplin Marathon in May in 5:15:58 doing 15 seconds walking and 15 seconds running.


Coach Jessica

Head Coach - Orange Half Marathon Head Coach (11:15-11:29)

Run/Walk Interval – 5 min/1 min


  • Years Running: 10
  • Years with Austin Fit: 5
  • Number of Half Marathons: 15
  • Favorite Race: Rock N Roll New Orleans and Las Vegas
  • Goal: To make running FUN!

Jessica started running with USA Fit (Round Rock) completing her first marathon in 2006. She did it as a motivation to find balance in life and as a stress relief.  Since then she has continued to run with Austin fit on and off setting many goals, conquering obstacles and meeting many lifelong friends along the way.  For her, running with a group makes the miles easier to accomplish, more entertaining and it keeps her motivated to run faster and achieve more goals.  She loves helping other runners meet their individual goals and hopes to provide a positive an entertaining approach to training, “It’s all about having fun and being with a supportive group,” she explains.   Along with this Jessica runs for the Beef Team (Texas Beef Council’s Running Team).  She also has two boys, and is proud to share they have already completed many races.


Coach Amy

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon Group (11:00-11:15)


  • # of Years Running: 5 years
  • # of Years with Austin Fit: 5 years
  • # of Full or Half Marathons: 1 marathon, 9 half marathons
  • Favorite race: Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon in Portland
  • Goal is to continue running consistently for life, as well as to improve speed and eventually run a half marathon in 2 hours

Amy used to think runners were crazy people. On a whim she started running with a friend, at first barely able to run a mile.  One day she ran two miles without stopping and decided she could do more and trained for and ran her first 10K.  Eventually she signed up for Austin Fit to train for her first half marathon in 2011, and has been running and racing ever since.  After completing her first marathon in 2014, she has returned to doing half marathons as her preferred distance.

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Coach Catherine

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon Group (11:00-11:15)

Fast Facts:

  • Years Running: 8 years
  • Years with Austin Fit: 4 years
  • Number of Marathons: 3
  • Number of Half Marathons: 10
  • Favorite Race: Any PR!
  • Goal: Have fun and stay fit!

Catherine was inspired to start running to challenge herself after recovering from a minor surgery.  She joined Austin Fit in 2008 and was surprised to find herself at the finish line of the Austin Marathon in 2009.  In that first season of running, she fell in love with the camaraderie amongst runners and has continued training and racing since. For several years, Catherine lived in Dallas and ran with several great running groups there.  But Austin Fit is her favorite running group because the focus is on fun and support.


Coach Randy

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon Group (11:15-11:29)


  • # of Years Running: 6 years
  • # of Years with Austin Fit: 6 years
  • # of Full or Half Marathons: 6 half marathons
  • Favorite race is the 3M half Marathon
  • Goal is to PR in New Orleans Half Marathon in Jan 2017

Randy started running 6 years ago when he decided to get back in shape training for the Cap 10K.  That was his first experience with Austin Fit.  After the 10K his wife informed him that they were signing up for half marathon training.  He reluctantly agreed.  After that there was no looking back.


Coach Debbie (aka DJ)

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon Group (11:45-11:59)


  • # of Years Running: 2
  • # of Years with Austin Fit: 2
  • # of Full or Half Marathons: 8 Half Marathons
  • Favorite Race: Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon San Antonio.  Far enough away to feel like a destination race, but close enough to home to not spend a lot of energy on travel (so you have it in reserve for the race).  This run is along a nice course with lots of, historical sites, good energy and a great post-race concert.
  • Goal is to win the lottery so I can complete a half marathon in every state!

Debbie decided a couple of years ago it was finally time to get off the couch, lose some extra weight and get healthy.  Since she also always had finishing a half marathon on her bucket list, running seemed like the way to go!  A lucky Google search lead her to Austin Fit and a great group of people! Now she is looking forward to being an assistant coach with Austin Fit and making more new friends.

2008 RNR

Trish Link

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon Group (12:00+)


  • Years Running : 11
  • Years with Austin Fit: 6
  • Number of Half Marathons: 15
  • Favorite Race: Austin Half Marathon
  • Goal: To be stronger than she thought possible

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