Christine Hew


  • Years Walking: 10 years as exercises
  • Years with Austin Fit: 6
  • Number of Marathons: 1
  • Number of Half Marathon: 5
  • Favorite Race: Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure
  • Goal: A Mickey Mouse Medal (Disney World Marathon)

In 2003 a couple of coworkers coerced Christine to start walking at break time with them.  After huffing and puffing for a couple of months she decided to buy real running shoes.  At the shoe store she noticed a flyer to join Austin Fit and train for the 2004 Motorola Marathon.  Christine shared her idea with her coworkers of which one very brave lady decided to share her friend’s crazy impulse.  We decided to train for the marathon.  A 26.2 mile race we never in our wildest dreams dreamt of trying.

Austin Fit gave Christine the training, knowledge and encouragement to learn from experts the correct approach to training for a marathon. After realizing that running was not for her she joined the purple walking group.  With each week of added miles she wondered if she could go on.  Each week she completed the miles with lots of sweat and determination. When Christine crossed the finish line at the marathon she realized that with hard work and determination there was nothing she couldn’t do and accomplish in her life.

With persistent requests to help coach, Christine finally gave in.  She would like to give back some of what she has learnt and to encourage others that walking is just all around good for us.  So what are you waiting for…get up and move!