Summer Coaches


Coach Amy

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon Group (11:00-11:15)


  • # of Years Running: 5 years
  • # of Years with Austin Fit: 5 years
  • # of Full or Half Marathons: 1 marathon, 9 half marathons
  • Favorite race: Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon in Portland
  • Goal is to continue running consistently for life, as well as to improve speed and eventually run a half marathon in 2 hours

Amy used to think runners were crazy people. On a whim she started running with a friend, at first barely able to run a mile.  One day she ran two miles without stopping and decided she could do more and trained for and ran her first 10K.  Eventually she signed up for Austin Fit to train for her first half marathon in 2011, and has been running and racing ever since.  After completing her first marathon in 2014, she has returned to doing half marathons as her preferred distance.

Through Austin Fit, Amy has met some of the best people she knows, and keeps coming back for more running, races, friends, and fun. Amy filled in for a Austin Fit coach who was out part of the training season last year, and is excited to coach the Orange 11 half group this summer—exactly the group she started with 5 years ago.