Summer Coaches


Coach Christine

Assistant Coach - Red Full Marathon Group (10:30 - 10:59)


  • Years Running: 25+
  • Years with Austin Fit: 7
  • Number of Marathons: 12
  • Number of 30Ks: 3
  • Number of Half marathons: 20+
  • Favorite Race: 3M
  • Goal (s):
    • Break 4:20 for a Full Marathon and 1:50 for a Half
    • Run injury free for a LONG time!

Christine started running in the US Army, where she served 20 years and retired.  Unfortunately, she did not really enjoy it back then and only fell in love with running after she went on a “health kick” in ’00.  Between ’00-’01 she ran numerous 5k’s, 10K’s, 2 half’s and 2 full marathons.  After that she moved from her running group in Phoenix, AZ AND also broke her ankle.  It was MANY years later that she finally found her way back to running.

Christine loves watching new runners get the “bug” and see experienced runners improve.  Her entire Red group moved up to Yellow last season and many are coaches now!!!!!