Summer Coaches


Coach Kim

Assistant Coach - Orange Full Marathon Group (11:00 - 11:20)


  • # of Years Running: 15 years
  • # of Years with Austin Fit: 7 years
  • # of Full or Half Marathons: 5 Half, 5 Full
  • Favorite race:  The Marine Corp Marathon.  The MCM course is scenic and mostly flat with some small hills.  The race was extra sweet because Kim had been chasing and finally reached her marathon goal PR with lots of support of friends, the crowd and the awesome Marines.
  • Goal:  run happy, meet great, supportive people, burn off stress, laugh as much as possible, and celebrate with a great meal!

In the Fall of 2001 Kim signed up with Austin Fit (having only completed a 5K) to begin training to support a friend’s goal of running a marathon.  She proudly completed her first marathon 2 years later in 2003.  After a hiatus from racing, Kim rejoined Austin Fit in 2012 and has been consistently running and racing happy for the last 5 years.  She really enjoys watching people, especially first time marathoners, cross the finish line and is very excited to be coaching!