Summer Coaches

Oralia Pic

Coach Oralia

Assistant Coach - Yellow Half Marathon Group (9:30-9:45)

  • Years Running – Since Elementary School
  • Years with Austin Fit: 8
  • Number of Half Marathons: 40
  • Number of Marathons: 9
  • Favorite Race:  She loves all races she has done.  For Oralia, every race is an adventure, but if she has to pick one, that is Hill Country.  She loves hills.
  • Goal:  To never stop running!  To encourage and inspire new runners by always being positive to help them to get stronger, run injury free and always to get to the finish line.

Coach Oralia is originally from Mexico.  She has loved running since her childhood.  Her first competition was a 5K in third grade and she continued running 5 and 10K’s through middle and high school.  Since then she realized “SHE IS BORN TO RUN”, but it wasn’t until 2009 when she started running long distances.  Oralia loves challenges.  She always sets goals at the beginning of the training season and works with determination, persistence, and discipline to get them.  “Training together we can get our goals, but you are the only one who has to cross the finish line to get it”.