Coach Erica: Orange Group Half Assistant Coach (12 plus)


  • Years Running - 12
  • Years with Austin Fit - 10
  • Years Coaching - 7
  • Number of Marathons or Half Marathons (if you want to include Ironmans or half Ironmans that is fine too) - 13 half marathons
  • Favorite Race - 3M Half Marathon
  • Goal - Instill a sense of fun and keep everyone committed to training.
  • Run/Walk Interval Ratio - 2/1

Erica joined Austin Fit in 2009 at the urging of a friend who encouraged her to run with her. When that friend stopped showing up after a few weeks, Erica kept running and eventually finished both the 3M and Austin Half Marathons. She enjoys the great sense of accomplishment you feel when finishing a race and has adopted her former coach Rita's philosophy that "it doesn't matter when you finish the race because your medal is just as shiny as the winner's medal."