Coach Jaclyn: Orange Full Marathon Group (11:30 – 11:59)


  • Years Running: 13
  • Years with Austin Fit:  Debut year
  • Years Coaching: First year but lots of experience
  • Number of Marathons: 1
  • Favorite race: Blackmores Marathon in Sydney
  • Goal - Finish Austin Marathon 2020
Coach Jaclyn started running in 2006 to prepare for her Army service.  Jaclyn ran all through her 5 years with the Army and while deployed in 2009 Jaclyn completed training for the Marine Corp Marathon.  Her deployment was extended preventing her from racing but the love of training stayed nonetheless.  After finishing the Army in 2012 Jaclyn studied in Australia.  While there she trained and completed the 2014 Blackmores Marathon in Sydney.  For Jaclyn, the goal has always to been to just finish the race.  Jaclyn has been running long and short distances ever since and joined Austin Fit in April of this year.  Next marathon on the horizon is Austin 2020.