Coach Jessica G: Head Coach Red Group (10:00 – 10:59)


  • Years Running: 20+
  • Years with Austin Fit: 10Number of 50K's: 1
  • Number of Marathons: 7
  • Number of Half Marathons: 21
  • Triathlons: 6
  • Favorite Race: New York City Marathon and Vancouver BC Half
  • Goal: To be an inspiration to my daughter to live a healthy life and continue to always push yourself to the next goal (qualify for Boston). Run the OCC or CCC race of the Ultra Tour Mont Blanc.

Intervals: 10/1 or 7 min / 30 sec

Jessica has been running almost her entire life playing soccer and basketball as a kid. It was in her late teens when she starting distance running. Jessica ran mostly 5ks in her 20’s, but when she turned 30 she set out to run a Marathon. Her first few attempts were derailed by injury, caused by playing contact sports. Jessica joined Austin Fit in 2008 and ran her first Austin Marathon fully in 2010. Jessica became a coach that summer.

Jessica loves coaching with Austin Fit and became the head coach of the Red group in 2011 and has served in this role off and on. Jessica also was one of the first coaches to bring Team Fit to Austin Fit. Besides running and triathlon, Jessica loves yoga and has a meditation practice. The Spring of 2019 marked her first Ultra Marathon of 50K and is hooked on trail running.  Jessica looks forward to helping all runners achieve their goals and crossing the finish line.