Coach Rita: Purple Group Half Marathon Coach (15+)


  • Years running:  15
  • Years with Austin Fit:  15
  • Number of Half Marathons:  17
  • Favorite Races:  3M ½ Marathon
  • 2019-20 Goal:  To help her walkers get to the start line so they can cross that finish line.

Rita started doing triathlons in 2001.  As a way to stay in shape during the winter months, she joined Austin Fit in 2004.  After finding out just how friendly Austin Fit people are, she was hooked.  The next year she started coaching.  Rita loves to help her walkers prepare for their first ½ marathon or their 10th ½ marathon.  She believes that finishing the race is winning the race.

Favorite quote:

“The voice inside your head that says you can’t do this is a liar.”
— Unknown