Coach Tami – Walk Fit Group (15:00+)


  • Years Running: ~6 - off and on
  • Years with Austin Fit: 3
  • Number of Half Marathons: 1
  • Number of 5Ks: ~ 15
  • Favorite Race: Turkey Trot
  • Goal: Finish each race
About 6 years ago Coach Tami joined a walking group - thinking that running was not a game she could play in.  She really enjoyed it and the people she met. They pushed her farther than she would ever have pushed herself and slowly but surely she started to increase her pace so that it could be considered a "jog."

She's gone between running and walking over the past several years while enjoying many 5K runs. She hopes to run a 10K in the next few months. When not walk/running Tami is on the board with one of the Greyhound Rescues in Austin. Blue Jean and Zella are her racer greyhounds although they have really become quite lazy now that they are retired.