Coach Troy: Head Coach Green Group (8:00 – 8:59)


  • Years Running: 12
  • Years with Austin Fit: 10
  • Number of Marathons: 31
  • Number of Half Marathons: 15
  • Number of other races: 29
  • Favorite Marathon: Queenstown International Marathon
  • Motto: If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.
  • Goals: To run a marathon in every state and to eventually qualify for the Boston Marathon

Just after the turn of the century, Troy’s children convinced him to quit smoking.  An unfortunate side-effect of such an endeavor was the addition of 50 pounds to the scale.  In order to get his weight under control and to get healthier, Troy turned to jogging.  He started with the Cool Runnings Couch 2 5K program, and worked his way up to 2 miles.  At this point, Troy’s friend and colleague convinced him to join a running group called AustinFit.  So, with more than a little trepidation, Troy joined AustinFit in the fall of 2007 with the idea of training for the Austin Half-Marathon.  In an amusing turn of events, Troy mistakenly started running with the full marathon group for the first few weeks.  Dan Martin was such a great coach that he convinced Troy to continue with the full marathon group.  Since Troy seemed to still be alive after running farther than he initially thought he was able, he opted to take Coach Dan’s advice and continue training for the marathon.  How exciting it became!  Each week Troy was able to run farther than he ever had before!  Before he knew it, just a few short months later, he ran and finished his first marathon!  The exhilaration was so great that he has been addicted to running races ever since.