Discount at Cap10k Expo

Austin Fit – Summer program is offering a special $10 off discount at the Cap10K Expo this weekend!!

Come by the red Austin Fit tent (located next to Luke’s Locker) to receive the special discount code and/or register for the summer program.

The summer program kicks-off Saturday May 18th at 6:00 AM and will train for a variety of fall half and full marathons including:

– October 13 – Chicago
– October 25 – Marine Corps/Napa/Marathon to Marathon
– November 3 – New York
– November 10 – Fort Worth
– November 17 – San Antonio, Las Vegas, & Philly (most popular)
– November 24 – Shiner Half Marathon
– December 8 – Dallas, BCS, & Tuscon

We have a new Team FIT  program this year for ALL experienced half and full marathon runners wanting to focus on improving running performance. It is recommended for committed runners with a base mileage of 20-30 miles per week. This is open to all paces in Austin Fit.