Fall Runner’s Newsletter: 11/25-12/1

 Tip of the Week: 

Make NO excuses! We can all make excuses when it comes to not running. Work, kids, social life, cleaning…the list is endless. We rarely put ourselves first. Remember that exercise gives you more energy, makes you happier, and most importantly keeps you healthy. Stop making excuses and make your running a priority. Your weekday runs are important to continue training injury free.

Quote of the Week:

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to Week 15!

Way to knock out another stellar long run!! The weather was rather cold but once we got going it warmed a little. I am very proud of all of those who attended the chilly Saturday morning. You never know what race day weather will be so it is good to practice in all types of conditions (safely of course). It could be raining and 35 degrees on race day with wind. The best way for us to be prepared is to practice running in all conditions. That way we know what to wear and how it will feel.

I am thankful for Austin Fit. I have grown and learned so much about training, pace groups, run/walk intervals, marathon vs. half marathon, hills, routes, coaching, Austin neighborhoods, and so much more. I am thankful to be a part of a group that gives so much love and support every week to not only me, but all the coaches and participants. I am thankful for the smiles I see, the laughs I hear, and the tears that accompany a runner or walker when they push through the tough moments and persevere to the finish of a long run or race. I am thankful for the incredible coaches who I could not function without. I am thankful for all the participants that motivate and inspire me week after week, year after year. I am thankful for Austin Fit changing MY life!!!

This Thursday, if you are in town please join Austin Fit at the Turkey Trot! The race starts at 9:30 AM and we will have our tent in the same spot as last year (Riverside/Long Center). Bring your family (Kids K is at 8:45 AM) and friends and join us for a fun 5 mile run or walk through downtown. Registration is still open online and if you can’t make it to Luke’s Locker to pick up your packet there is race day packet pick-up.

Speaking of races…register now for 3M or the Austin Half/Full Marathon if you have not yet done that. Registrations will increase and both races are expected to sell out. There are NO discounts for any training groups including Austin Fit.

With the increase in mileage we have been doing lately, you might start experiencing some IT band/outside knee pain. If this happens to you, CLICK HERE, to read about some stretches and exercises (provided by Linda Brown, Head Orange Coach) that will help!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

~ Jen Harney

Program Information

  1. Schedule – Click Here
  2. Pace Information – Pace Spreadsheet which outlines time trial times with recommended paces for long runs, easy runs, recovery runs, tempos, various race paces, etc. Click Here.
  3. Common Questions regarding Austin Fit’s Fall program…Click Here.
  4. Team FIT Training Information and Schedule…Email info@austinfit.com
  5. What to Bring, Head Coach Contact, & Safety…Click Here
  6. Participant Questionnaire – Click Here – Please return this to your HEAD COACH
  7. Saturday’s Routes – Click Here for Saturday’s Routes

Schedule for November 30th:    

•  6:50 – 7:00 AM Meet with Head Color Coach & Assistant Color Coaches – Turn in Questionnaires and sign in with your Assistant Coach
•  7:00 AM Groups will roll out in waves
•  8:00 AM Coaches will lead stretches and Head Coaches are available for any questions or help you may need
•  Group BREAKFAST – Dominican Joe’s … try this one again!

Saturday’s Long Run Routes: 
Trail & E. 4th St. November 30th, 2013 at TxDOT – 6:50 AM

CLICK HERE for the route directions

Full Marathon –

  • Green – 15 Miles
  • Yellow/Red/Orange – 13 Miles
  • Optional shorter option – 10 Miles

Half Marathon –
All Groups – 10 Miles
* Optional shorter route – 7 Miles

15 MILES: http://www.mapmyrun.com/us/austin-tx/trail-lab-east-4th-route-327968197 Directions • West on trail towards MoPac bride • Cross the MoPac pedestrian bridge • Left – Veteran’s • Left – LAB • Right – Bonnie (first right after Enfield) • Right – Exposition • Left – LAB • Right – Veteran’s • Back onto trail (stay on North side of trail heading east towards I-35) • Left – San Antonio (at the light) • Right – 4th • Right – Pedernales St. • Right – Willow St. • Left – Mildred St. to dead end • Left – Holly to trail • Pick up the trail to the Longhorn Dam • Cross the dam and continue on the trail back to Riverside • Right – Riverside • Right – Congress • Pick up trail and head east to TxDOT —- WATER Coolers will be set up at 1. Expo/LAB 2. 4th/Red River 3. Holly by the trail & power plant

13 MILES: http://www.mapmyrun.com/us/austin-tx/trail-lab-east-4th-route-327968647 Directions • West on trail towards MoPac bride • Cross the MoPac pedestrian bridge • Left – Veteran’s • Left – LAB • Right – Exposition • 1st Right – 8th • Right – Norwalk Ln • Quick Left back on 8th St. • Right – Hearn St. • Left – LAB • Right – Veteran’s • Back onto trail (stay on North side of trail heading east towards I-35) • Left – San Antonio (at the light) • Right – 4th • Right – Pedernales St. • Right – Willow St. • Left – Mildred St. to dead end • Left – Holly to trail • Pick up the trail to the Longhorn Dam • Cross the dam and continue on the trail back to Riverside • Right – Riverside • Right – Congress • Pick up trail and head east to TxDOT —- WATER Coolers will be set up at 1. Expo/LAB 2. 4th/Red River 3. Holly by the trail & power plant

10 MILES: http://www.mapmyrun.com/us/austin-tx/trail-east-4th-route-327969161 Directions: • West on trail towards MoPac bride • Cross the MoPac pedestrian bridge • Right on the trail (stay on North side of trail heading east towards I-35) • Left – San Antonio (at the light) • Right – 4th  • Right – Pedernales St.  • Right – Willow St. • Left – Mildred St. to dead end • Left – Holly to trail  • Pick up the trail heading southwest back to I-35 • After going under I-35, take the road immediately right to the sidewalk and cross the bridge to Riverside • Right – Riverside back to TxDOT – enter in after passing the old Sonic —- WATER Coolers will be set up at 1. 4th/Red River 2. Holly by the trail & power plant

7 MILES: http://www.mapmyrun.com/us/austin-tx/trail-east-4th-route-327969939 Directions: • West on trail towards MoPac bride • Cross the MoPac pedestrian bridge • Right on the trail (stay on North side of trail heading east towards I-35) • Left – San Antonio (at the light) • Right – 4th • Right – Red River • Left – Davis (2nd Street after crossing Cesar Chavez) to dead end • Right – Rainey St. • Right – onto the trail (AF Orange Cone) • West on the trail towards Congress Ave. • Right – up the stairs to Congress Ave. • Left  – Congress Ave. • Left – Riverside • Left – AF Blvd (light by the Lake Mart) back to TxDOT —- WATER Coolers will be set up at 4th/Red River

Upcoming Field Trips!We will be going on two more field trips this fall/winter – so you can plan ahead, see meeting dates/locations listed below:
  • December 7 – We are back at Chase off Northcross/Burnet for another go of Great Northern/Shoal Creek loops!
  • December 28 – We are meeting at Austin High Tennis Courts for the Fall group to run Mt. Bonnell! Happy Holidays!!

Events & Races

For upcoming Races & Events, check out the below websites, then “Mark your Calendars.”

Texas Running Post and Luke’s Locker.

Thundercloud Turkey Trot – Austin: Thursday November 28th with an 8:45 AM Kids K and the timed & untimed 5 mile & 1 mile starting at 9:30 AM untimed 5 mile & 1 mile. Race will start at 701 W. Riverside Dr. in front of the Long Center. All of the run proceeds benefit Caritas of Austin. Last year’s Turkey Trot raised $325,000, and over the last 21 years the run has raised more than $1.8 million for Caritas. Register at www.thundercloud.com COST is around $30-35 dollars for the 5 mile distance.


•   Turkey Trot Special Packet-Pick Up Discounts –Starting on Friday 11/22 & Saturday 11/23 $25 off your purchase of $75 or more, Sunday 11/24 & Monday 11/25 $20 off your purchase of $75 or more, and Tuesday 11/26 & Wednesday 11/27 $15 off your purchase of $50 or more.

EVENTS: at Luke’s Locker — Mark your calendars!!

  • Friday 11/22 – Wednesday 11/27 – Turkey Trot Pack Pick Up at Luke’s —REGISTER TODAY for the 5 mile Thanksgiving Tradition!! 
  • Friday 11/29 – Saturday 11/30 – Jingle Bell 5K Packet Pick Up at Luke’s —REGISTER for the 5K race held around the Domain on December 1st benefitting MADD. 
  • Wednesday 12/4 – Scott Jurek is back!!!!!!! Meet & Greet with Scott & Ultimate Direction at Luke’s Locker from 1:00-2:00 PM — Enjoy your lunch with Scott. Check out his book, one of my personal favorites, Eat & Run
  • Wednesday 12/11 – Luke’s Locker 3rd Anniversary Party
  • Click Here for more information and Luke’s Locker Austin November Calendar

Optional Weekday Workouts

FREE Workouts – 

Austin Fit Coaches lead workouts Austin

  • Coach Pat Burch – coaches in North Austin on Tuesdays/Thursdays evening workouts (Tuesdays – Anderson Track workouts/Thursdays – Balcones Hills/Tempos meeting – more details coming on time/start date. Email with questions – Pat_Burch@gmail.com
  • Coach Janice Chapman – coaches downtown Tuesdays/Thursdays at 5:00 AM (TT5 group) – Meet under the MoPac bridge by Austin High. Park along the street. Tuesdays they run various routs (mostly streets with no traffic) and Thursdays are track workouts. The group is typically done around 6 AM so you have plenty of time to shower and get to work. Email with questions –JChapman1322@gmail.com.
  • Coach Linda Brown and Coach Nelly Shaw – will coach a 5:30 AM workout every Tuesday up north at Great Hills Baptist Church (10312 Jollyville Rd., Austin, Texas 78759).  Email Coach Linda or Coach Nelly if you are interested:  fayeful2000@yahoo.com or nshawtx@gmail.com
  • There will be more coaches offering workouts – details coming soon.

Luke’s Locker workouts are for all paces and abilities. visit the website or call the store (512) 482-8676 for more info! They include:

  • Tuesday 6 AM Taco Deli Run (4.5 or 7.5 miles) – Start at Luke’s (all paces) and follow a route that takes you up to the Capital and back down Congress to the trail – cut off at 4.5 miles to Luke’s or go the extra distance to MoPac and then back to Luke’s for 7.5 miles. At 7:05-10, Manager, Rod Newlin arrives with free breakfast tacos from Taco Deli. Luke’s Locker does have 1 shower in the Men’s & Women’s restroom.
  • NEW! Tuesday 6:15 PM Quality Workout – Workouts will align with Austin Fit training schedule (this group starts on Sept. 3rd) open for all paces & abilities with a 1 or 2 mile warm up option from Luke’s Locker to Austin High – Running Drills & Track Workout – Cool Down back to Luke’s – Coached by Alex Luna – Join the Facebook Page – Quality Workout in Austin for more details. Led by Julie Cattel & Noreen Jacobson
  • Wednesday 6 AM Core workout coached by Madi Webster for a total body workout – come get strong with Madi who has endless energy, it’s sure to start your day off right!
  • Wednesday 6 PM Social Run 5K around the trail with water/beer after! Take it is easy and use this group to ensure you get your 3 miles in for the day!
  • Thursday 6:15 PM Quality workout – hills, fartleks, & tempos –  workouts will align with the Austin Fit schedule. Starting at Luke’s we will have a 1 mile warm up, then get to the fun stuff!! More info on the Facebook page: Quality Workout in Austin. Led by Jen Harney.
  • Sunday Yoga at Luke’s led by Sarah Hall (Yoga Instructor & Runner) with 2 morning classes: 8:30 AM & 10:00 AM Vinyasa Yoga — newbies, experienced, and everyone in between are welcome. Sarah will help you with form in a calming and helpful way. She provides modifications as well. Come try it with me!!!

No Excuses Workouts – Round Rock/Cedar Park – Mondays & Wednesdays at 6:00 PM – check out the website for more information. These are free workouts for anyone in the community training for all different types of races & paces!

Coaches Corner

Inspiration – You are NEVER TOO OLD to start running!

HONG KONG (AP) — The world’s oldest marathon runner ran his last race on Sunday at the age of 101.

Fauja Singh finished the Hong Kong Marathon’s 10-kilometer (6.25-mile) race in 1 hour, 32 minutes, 28 seconds.

Singh, a Sikh with a saffron turban and a flowing white beard, followed the route along the northern lip of Hong Kong island. He was accompanied by a group from the city’s local Sikh community, joining about 72,000 other runners taking part in the marathon.

The Indian-born runner, nicknamed the Turbaned Torpedo, had said that he would hang up his sneakers after the race in the southern Chinese city, just before his 102nd birthday.‘‘I will remember this day. I will miss it,’’ Singh said minutes after crossing the finish line. Singh, a great-grandfather, became the oldest man to run a full marathon at Toronto in 2011, at the age of 100.

His accomplishment was not recognized by Guinness World Records because he doesn’t have a birth certificate to prove his age. Singh has a British passport that shows his date of birth as April 1, 1911, while a letter from Indian government officials states that birth records were not kept in 1911.

‘‘I am feeling a bit of happiness and a bit of sadness mixed together. I am happy that I am retiring at the top of the game but I am sad that the time has come for me to not be part of it,’’ Singh said in a prerace interview. ‘‘And there will always be times in the future where I will be thinking, ‘Well, I used to do that (running),’’ the Punjabi-speaking Singh said through his coach and interpreter, Harmander Singh.

Singh took up running at the age of 89 as a way to get over depression after his wife and son died in quick succession in India. The death in 1994 of his son took a particularly hard toll on Singh because of its grisly nature. Singh and his son, Kuldip, both farmers, were checking on their fields in the middle of a storm when a piece of corrugated metal blown by the wind decapitated Kuldip in front of his father’s eyes.

Singh, whose five other children had emigrated, was left all alone. ‘‘He didn’t think his life was worth living without his son’’ following the traumatic incident, coach Harmander Singh said. He went to live with his youngest son in London. That’s where the sports enthusiast Singh attended tournaments organized by the Sikh community and he took part in sprints. He met some Sikh marathon runners who encouraged him to take up long-distance running. One day he saw a marathon on television for the first time and decided that’s what he wanted to do, too.

In 2000, at the age of 89, he ran the London Marathon, his first, and went on to do eight more. His best time was 5 hours and 40 minutes at the 2003 Toronto Marathon. ‘‘From a tragedy has come a lot of success and happiness,’’ Singh said before the race as he explained how running has changed his life, allowing an illiterate farmer to travel the world, meet dignitaries and stay in five-star hotels.

Following his retirement from racing, he said he hoped ‘‘people will remember me and not forget me.’’ He also wanted people to continue to invite him to events ‘‘rather than forget me altogether just because I don’t run anymore.’’

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