Fall Training Schedule – Week 3

Training Schedule:

If you are training for a different race than the 3M Half Marathon or the Austin Half or Full Marathon, please email info@austinfit.com your goal race name/date for an alternative schedule.

If you need the full schedule and have registered for the 2013/2014 season, please email info@austinfit.com 

This week: Full & Half Marathon groups – 


  • Blue: 45-55 minutes easy
  • Green: 30-50 minutes easy
  • Yellow: 30-45 minutes easy
  • Red: 25-40 minutes easy
  • Orange: 20-35 minutes easy


  • Blue/Green: 10-15 minute warm up (easy jog), Fartlek: 16×24 reps of (:30 seconds hard effort (fast); followed by :15 seconds of easy jogging or walking), 10-15 minute cool-down, and stretch
  • Yellow/Red/Orange: 5-10 minute warm up (easy jog or walk), Fartlek: 8-16x(:30 seconds hard effort (run or jog); followed by :15 seconds of easy jog or walking), 5-10 minute walk or jog cool-down, and stretch


OFF, or Easy Cross Training (elliptical, swimming, cycling, etc.) for 30-60 minutes, or same as Monday but go as slow or easy as you want!


  • Blue/Green: 10-15 minute easy jog warm up & cool down; 5-10 x (1 minute hard effort/followed by 2 minutes of easy jogging)
  • Yellow/Red/Orange: 5-10 minute easy jog or walk warm up & cool down; 5-10 x (1 min hard run or jog, followed by 2 minutes of easy jogging or walking)




  • Blue/Green – FULL: 7 miles; HALF: 4 miles
  • Yellow/Red – FULL: 5 miles; HALF: 3 miles
  • Orange – FULL: 4 miles; HALF: 3 miles


OFF or 20-30 minute super slow recovery run