Fall Coaches

Coach Monica

Head Coach - Orange Half Marathon Group

Run/Walk Interval – 4 min/1 min


  • Years Running: 15
  • Years with Austin Fit: 11
  • Number of Half Marathons: 32 half marathons
  • Favorite Race: 3M, Decker Challenge, Disneyland Marathon and the Rome Marathon.
  • Goal: To get everyone in the pace group to the finish line injury free.

Monica has been a member of Austin Fit since 2002 and has coached for the past 7 yrs. Monica has gone from running 5k’s to a Half Ironman. Monica feels without the right training program, she would not have been able to achieve the results she has. Also, being a part of a team that is supportive and tremendously encouraging makes training much more enjoyable and often will push her to do that little extra that she would not have done on her own. She also enjoys trying to push others to do a little extra to show them that they can accomplish their own goals.