New Walking Program!

30.30 & Dangerous

This walking program is for the true beginner. Whether you are 30 pounds overweight, 30 years or older, your BMI is over 30 or you’re just are not sure you can do 30 minutes of exercise, this program is your starting point.

This is a true beginners walking program. NO, not a mall walker but a fitness walker; this is training for beginners. A program based on the lessons learned by folks that have personally dealt with there own weight and health issues. Designed from years of passion to help you begin and become the athlete your mind sees you can become! Passionate people, with real answers to help transform you into a leaner healthier you.

The program is designed to teach you techniques to walk injury free and get you to the finish line of a 5k race. Our goal is to give you a solid foundation to build you fitness walking on. The program is structured in a 9 week cycle so no matter when or where you join our year long program you can step in and learn, enjoy training with others and have the opportunity to grow. This program is the first step of a much bigger walking program with Austin Fit. Starting here you have the foundation to go on to the Get Fit program (training for a 10k), then the half and full marathon training. The walking program is a year round program as we see it; a lifetime commitment to fitness. Joining this program will change your life. As you become accountable to fellow walkers you will keep your motivation to meet the challenge of the next race or walking event.

When you sign up you will complete a questionnaire allowing us to meet your needs. This is not personal training, but we want to know how we can ensure success for you by addressing issue that you face personally. A team goal will be selected as a group, picking a race or an event to keep your focus on meeting an improved level of performance, whether it is speed increase or getting to the finish line injury free.

An example of the one hour training session:

  • Stretching to begin
  • Motivation Tips to be successful
  • Drills for walkers
  • A one mile walk (timed to track improvement)
  • Stretching to end
  • Week day tips to help you meet your goal

In addition you will receive the following:

  • Weekly informative newsletters
  • Social events
  • Weekday workout options
  • Educational seminars
  • Technical Shirt
  • Discounts with our sponsors: Luke’s Locker & Koala Health & Wellness
  • Experienced Walking Coaches
  • Non-intimidating and welcoming environment!!

For more information – please contact our Head Walking Coach, Elayne Barber at