Inspire all year with Austin FIT

By Coach Gracie M. Alvarado De Garcia

We inspire greatly while racing and training during our runs and walks. Aerobic exercise exerts the largest impact on oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide production (Beachle & Earle, 2008) and, thus, on inspiration, the drawing of air into the lungs.

Inspiration is primarily powered by automatic contracting (Beachle & Earle, 2008) flattening, and downward movement (McArdle et al., 2001) of your diaphragm yielding a negative chest expansion and pressure like a vacuum (Beachle & Earle, 2008). Of all of your respiratory players, the diaphragm has the greatest aerobic capacity and (air) volume displacement; however, your ribs, sternum, and abdominal muscles synchronize with the diaphragm (McArdle et al., 2001).

All in all, for all walks of life, cardiorespiratory exercise, such as running and walking, improves heart and lung function. To maximize your respiratory function, cardiorespiratory training adaptations, and running or walking performances, rhythmically inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth without holding your breath.

Lastly, aspire to inspire all year; inspire with us during our fall half and full marathon training beginning Aug. 31, 2017 at the TXDOT parking lot located at 150 East Riverside Drive. Registration is now open.

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