Set your sights high and your strides will fly!!!

By Coach Gracie M. Alvarado De Garcia


On your next run or walk, explore this with a game. The game is to look ahead at where the top of the trees meet the sky. Keep your sense of awareness and safety for all variables (cars, other people or animals, potholes, etc...) as you do so.

When and where?

Try this on your next run or walk, anywhere you are. If you are on a treadmill, gauge where the top of the tree would meet the skyline, and run or walk to it.


This elevates your bellybutton and entire body, allowing you to open up your hips, free and elevate your legs, move with your core and glutes, and create and maintain healthy, efficient movement. In essence, running or walking while looking at where the top of the trees meet the skyline develops straightness, forwardness, elevation, and impulsion. Moreover, this builds, maintains, and improves focus, a skill that transfers to all parts of life.

This bellybutton elevation enhances the running flight phase per stride and lightness in both running and walking, which means more speed and more efficiency as our mind and body are engaged to go forward and up instead of pointed downward.

Enjoy this game of focus of setting your sights high to where the top of the trees meet the sky, and please update us on your perspectives and experiences.