Envision yourself

Envision yourself, in the next minute, boldly running or walking 1 mile.
You ran or walked 1 mile, in 1 minute!!!
How fantastic do you feel?!?!...

By Coach Gracie M. Alvarado De Garcia

Although we are not preparing Triple Crown Winners at Austin Fit, we are preparing each of our champions of all backgrounds for their individual self-defined successes in the marathon, half-marathon, and 10K.

These successes - successful starts, successful growth, successful finishes, and successful retries - all of these successes in Austin Fit's 21-year history  form the monument of our program and  transcend beyond running or walking. We are blossoming in our second year of new leadership with Linda Brown as our Program Coordinator and are offering spring, summer, and fall training.

It is a delight to share in your interest in Austin Fit. Thank you for stopping bye to check us out. Likewise, we want to share our program with you. Beyond our longevity, professionalism, and experience, our team of coaches, volunteers, runners, and walkers are our grandest attribute. They are the core of Austin Fit, bringing their molded, enriching, variable personalities, talents, skills, goals, and experiences.

We welcome you to visit, register, and openly provide us with your questions and feedback. Ultimately, we hope to welcome you and serve you with our dynamic, ever-glowing, ever-growing, ever-blending Austin Fit family.

Bring your family, friends, peers, and neighbors: bring everyone!!

We accommodate variety, barring potential Triple Crown chasers. Once again, thank you for your interest; we are delighted to connect with you!!!!

Registration is now open for summer training. Click here to register today!