Runner’s Newsletter – July 15-21, 2013


1. This Saturday, we will NOT be meeting at TxDOT — Meet at Northcross Mall to run the flat Great Northern loops. We will use this opportunity to practice our race pace with a warm up and route options (including the warm up & cool down) of  7, 10, 11, 13 miles +  1 & 2 mile add ons ** Meet in the Chaparral Ice parking lot at 2525 Anderson Ln. CLICK HERE for the route details. Breakfast Location: Taco Deli off Lamar by 42nd across from Central Market.

2. What is your MGP or HMP? This Saturday, some of you will be practicing your MGP (marathon goal pace) or HMP (half marathon pace) during your long run. So, what will happen? Well, we will all warm up with our pace groups (warm ups distances vary from 2-3.5 miles depending on pace group) over to the baseball fields. Once there, everyone is encouraged to stop and have water/Gatorade before starting. A few dynamic stretches like linear & lateral leg swings will be demonstrated to help your body warm up. Then, without your coach and on your own you will run 3-6 miles at your goal race pace or at your regular long run pace…this part is up to you!  Your coaches will either be running or waiting for their group to finish. Once everyone from your group has finished, then the group will cool down together back to Northcross. Why are we doing this? Simply, to practice running our race pace on a flat course. The more we practice this the easier it will be on race day!! This workout inside the long run provides an opportunity to practice your pre-race & race day routine. Have the same dinner the night before as you plan to have the night before your race. Get hydrated like before the race. Wake up like it’s race day. Do exactly what you plan to do on race day even to the extent of wearing your race gear – shorts, singlet, socks, racing shoes. This is a true “test run” for your race. Again, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. It is an option. If you don’t know what your race pace should be, try using the McMillan Running Calculator. Let your coach know either prior to Saturday or on Saturday what you are planning to do.

3. Important Dates/Events: Mark your calendars!

  • Tuesday July 16 – YoRUNga at Luke’s Locker 6:30-7:30 PM featuring Nux — Join in for a 2 mile run followed by a 30 minute yoga session.
  • Wednesday July 17 – Social run with a wear test of the NEW Mizuno Sayonara — Join for a 3 mile run around the lake and enjoy cold water or beer upon your return.
  • Saturday July 21 – Road Kill Trail run at 8:00 AM meet at the Spyglass entrance of the greenbelt — A 20 minute out/back run for all levels & abilities
  • Wednesday July 24 – Beginning Hip Hop class at Luke’s Locker 6:30 PM  — Join us as we feature our new dance line from Reebok while learning some hip hop moves from our friends at Dance Austin Studio.
  • Saturday July 27 – Meet at TxDOT for our BENCHMARK run with a Cross Training Seminar & Raffle (5:50-6:05 AM) with route options of 8, 20K, & 25K + 3.1 mile add on & Rolling Out clinic afterwards with snacks. Dr. Seth Wagenblast from Active Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation will be bringing 20 rolling out kits for a demonstration. If you have your own foam rollers, balls, etc. & yoga mat please bring. I will bring extra yoga mats as well.
  • Sunday July 28 – Austin Fit PUTT PUTT SocialClick Here to join our Evite and learn more!
  • Wednesday July 31 Hydration Seminar at Luke’s Locker 6:30 PM after the 3 mile social run.


FREE Workouts –

  • Coach Troy (Yellow Marathon group) will be coaching a Tuesday morning hills 6 AM weekday workout off Great Hills in North Austin. Meet in the Petco parking lot and please email Coach Troy if you are planning on attending or if you have any questions about the route/distance
  • Luke’s Locker workouts are for all paces and abilities. They include: Tuesday 6 AM Taco Deli Run (4 or 7 miles), Wednesday 6 AM Core workout, Wednesday 6 PM 3 mile social run, Thursday 6:15 PM Quality workout (speed intervals, hills, fartleks, & more, Sunday 10 AM Vinyasa Yoga — all workouts meet at Luke’s Locker — for more information about these workouts email or visit our website.
  • Other Free Groups in Round Rock & Cedar Park – Bill Schroader’s No Excuses Monday & Wednesday evening workouts. All levels, paces, and backgrounds are welcome. Check out his website.
  • If you know of any other free groups please let us know!

 Team FIT Workouts – Try it out for free!

  • Downtown – Tuesday/Thursday 5:45 AM all paces full & half marathon training for experienced runners.  This week – meet at Austin High track
  • Coaches – Downtown: Jessica Galloway –, Jody Broccoli, and Jennifer Harney –
  • Cost – $145/Summer Season (if you have already paid for Austin Fit and want to join then we can work out the difference in payment)


This week we will be discussing: Long Runs, Goal Pace inside the Long Runs, and Shin Splints…keep reading to learn more.

Long Runs:
Most of the long runs we practice in Austin Fit are easy conversation pace long runs. The goal is time on your feet. We want you to have the confidence mentally that you can cover the distance. The physical benefits of easy paced long runs are to maximize your ability to burn fat and spare your glycogen stores as well as improving your leg strength and resistance to fatigue (mentally and physically). We want to teach our bodies how to handle lower blood glucose levels. 

From physiology, we know that the body uses fats and carbohydrates while running – the portion of each is determined by the pace. Run fast and the reliance shifts to more carbohydrates, less fats. Run slowly and the muscles rely more on fat and less on carbohydrate. Therefore, it is very important that in this type of long run – the long, steady long run, you don’t run fast. You’ll rely more on fats at an easy pace, possibly improving your ability to burn fat.

Goal Pace inside the Long Run:
However, sometimes we will practice our race pace inside our long runs. We don’t do this often, but it is very beneficial for a few reasons. Practicing our race pace in the middle or at the end of a long run helps our body physically and mentally prepare for what it will “feel” like to run that pace on tired legs. You will also burn more carbohydrates and therefore learn how your body will feel on race day. This type of long run is mentally and physically demanding. These types of long runs you will want to treat like your race day. You should practice what you will do the night before, the morning of, what to wear, what to eat, how to hydrate, etc. This long run will also give the mind a taste of the focus and determination that will be required in the latter stages of your race.  To read more about Marathon Pace in Long Runs CLICK HERE. Note: This article only addresses Marathon training; however, the same principle can be applied to Half Marathon training as well.

Shin Splints:

What are shin splints?
Your shins throb and ache after your daily run.  Shin splints are injuries to the front of the outer leg. While the exact injury is not known, shin splints seem to result from inflammation due to injury of the tendon (posterior peroneal tendon) and adjacent tissues in the front of the outer leg.
Shin splints are a member of a group of injuries called overuse injuries. Shin splints occur most commonly in runners or aggressive walkers. If you are suffering from shin splints or have had a history with this injury, CLICK HERE to read more about symptoms, causes, and treatment.