Running Program

Austin FIT members are just like you. We each decided one day that we would like to get into better shape, make new friends, and perhaps run a half or full marathon! Some of us are just starting, others have been running for a while, and some are Boston Marathon qualifiers. But regardless of the specifics, we all share one common goal: Get Fit & Have Fun!

Members join the Summer training program (Start Date: June 15, 2019) at 6:30 AM to train for fall half and full marathons. Most participants in this group target the Mosaic Trail Run, San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll or Bryan/College Station race in December. The Summer training can also prepare you for other fall races such as Chicago, New York, Philly, Las Vegas, and Dallas, BCS and more.

Members join the Fall training program (Start Date: August 24, 2019 at 7 AM to train  primarily for the Austin half/full marathon, but this program can prepare you for other winter races such as USA Fit Rockin' Resolution Race - benchmark for the Austin half/full marathon (5K, 10- & 20-mile distance), 3M, Houston, USA FIT, Fort Worth and New Orleans, Los Angeles.

Members join the Spring training program (Start Date: February 16, 2019 at 7 AM to train primarily for spring half marathons, 10ks and to use this time to just keep moving.

Ask previous members, and they will tell you that Austin FIT is a non-intimidating environment, and we really do motivate people of all ability levels, to get fit, and enjoy themselves.

The general format of Austin FIT is as follows:

  • An organized training run each Saturday morning with a group of runners whose training pace is similar to yours. Each pace group is designated by a color: Green, Yellow, Red, Orange & Purple (walkers).
  • A seminar on hydration, injury prevention, nutrition or other fitness-related topic is presented on a Saturday before our run or walk to help you learn the fundamentals of successfully improving your fitness. Fitness-related tips and articles will also be presented in the weekly newsletter. Raffle drawings for fun prizes will be held before the seminar.
  • Time for discussion with your color group members and instruction from your coaches each week before/after the run. After the run groups stretch and may perform foot drills before heading out for a group breakfast (optional).
  • A schedule of training runs to be completed each week on your own, or if you choose, with other members of your color group.
  • Weekly speed training sessions once the group has built a sufficient training base to handle speed work safely and comfortably (primarily for our 26-week programs, and about six weeks into the program).
  • Injury prevention provided by Sports Medicine professionals, who are on-site at an announced Saturday throughout the training season!

Austin Fit is highly successful because it follows the format of the USA FIT program, which has been refined and improved since its beginning in 1989. The USA FIT programs have improved the health, fitness and wellness of thousands of people each year throughout the U.S.. Our Assistant and Head Coaches are certified by USA FIT, and all Head Coaches are CPR and Sports Safety trained. Each coach has successfully completed marathons or half marathons themselves. Come out and join us to see for yourself.

Walk Breaks:

Our Red (10:00-10:59) & Orange (11:00-13:00) pace groups will practice the run/walk training method during their Saturday long runs. Our pace groups run/walk interval ratio varies depending on pace, temperature, terrain, and group preference.  Ask your pace group coach for more information on their run/walk interval.