Carter Physiotherapy

Carter Physiotherapy helps Austin runners recover faster, stay on the roads and trails, and hit PR’s.

Whether you’re looking to resolve an injury or run your fastest race, their advanced running analysis lab and high speed cameras allow them to pinpoint every possible cause of injury or inefficiency in your running form. To see exactly what is included in a Running Analysis and Optimization session visit:

All treatment sessions at Carter Physiotherapy are a full hour, one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and all therapists are certified in advanced hands-on Manual Therapy. You won’t spend your time or money doing exercises and stretches you could be doing on your own time. The majority of each hour is spent on hands-on soft tissue and joint mobilization to get you back to running without pain as quickly as possible.

Foot, achilles, shin, knee, hip, and back pain can all stem from abnormal foot movements when running. The orthotic specialist at Carter PT has completed a 3-year apprenticeship with one of the country’s top orthotics and biomechanics experts. Being a physical therapist who examines a runner’s body as a whole and how things change with movement, he is uniquely capable of creating an orthotic superior to those produced by someone who only looks at your foot.

The therapists at Carter Physiotherapy are also the authors of a popular ebook that helps runners avoid injuries and recover faster if they’re already hurt: The Top 10 Causes of Running Injuries.

To get a Free copy of this eBook, visit: