Ready to Run

Ready to Run is fully staffed with running shoe experts. We all specialize in helping people run injury free with the proper equipment. The first and most important step is getting in the right shoes for you. Your shoes are the foundation of your body while you run. We believe if they are a good fit you can prevent injuries before they start. If you are already injured it is imperative to your recovery that you wear the right shoes.

Here’s a short break down of what we do:

Our first objective is to properly size your foot. This sounds simple enough but it’s amazing how many people have problems from simply wearing the wrong size. When we say size we mean length and width. It’s also important to understand that every shoe runs different.

The next step is to look at the flexibility of your foot and ankle — whether or not you over-pronate or under-pronate. Flexible feet typically need stiffer shoes and rigid feet typically need a softer shoe.

Other important factors to consider when finding good shoes is arch height, big toe flexibility and foot shape.

Stop by Ready to Run to learn more or to be properly fitted for a new pair of running shoes!