Assistant Coach:  Orange Half Marathon Group - 12-12:30 Pace


  • Years Running:  10
  • Years with Austin Fit: 10 total, 9 coaching
  • Number of Half Marathons:  22
  • Favorite Race: Shiner Half, Air Force Half, 3M Half
  • Goal:  Finish all races I start, be an effective coach, have fun with my group, and help my group achieve their goals injury free.

Brian began running again after at least a forty-year running layoff in 2009, training with Austin Fit for the Cap 10K. He continued with the half marathon training group that summer. His first half marathon was the 2009 San Antonio Rock and Roll Half. Brian returned to Austin Fit in 2010 as an assistant half marathon coach and has coached again every year since. He has completed numerous 5K, 10K and 10- mile races as well as 22 half marathons. He has successfully completed the Austin Distance Challenge several times and runs as a member of the Texas Beef Team. Brian enjoys the camaraderie of running with groups and the fun and achievement involved in meeting his running goals and helping his runners achieve theirs. He is looking forward to running with his 2018 running group, and hope they have as much fun as he has had running with Austin Fit.