Fall Head Coach - Yellow and Green Half & Full Marathon Groups

  • Years Running:  9
  • Years with Austin Fit:  4
  • Number of marathons:  8
  • Favorite Race:  Los Angeles
  • Goal:  to see everyone in his group finish the race strong

 Satwinder has been running marathons since 2005.  Before getting into long distances, he has always enjoyed running, earlier short distances.  He has been with Austin Fit since 2010.

He has run 8 marathons, mostly Austin, and in Los Angeles and San Antonio.  Favorite race was Los Angeles, running with his sister, and seeing so many well known places along the course.  He enjoys running with the group, and coaching along the way.  Besides passing on the running enthusiasm to others, his goal is to see everyone in his group finish the race strong.  He believes almost anyone who has some interest, can get trained and finish a marathon.