I picked up my running career in 2011 after many years of being dormant. My very first race was the Schlotzsky's 10K in 2012. That year I decided to sign up for my first half marathon in 2013 in Chicago. I trained for my first half on my own and since then I have done several half marathons. My favorite half marathon was in 2015 the Hapalua half marathon in Hawaii. I have done several!

I started with Austin FIT in the Summer of 2016 after meeting and talking to Monica Lambert while volunteering for a race for the Beef team of which we are both members. I was telling her how I was having a hard time getting back to running constantly. Monica told me about Austin FIT and talked about how great of an organization it was as well as the coaches.

I showed up one Saturday morning to give Austin FIT a try and from the very first run I was hooked. I was so thankful for the awesome Orange team coaches, Debbie and Brian, for helping me get through the Summer season. Since I enjoyed the Summer season so much I signed up for the Fall/Spring seasons.

It has been amaze-balls and the best decision I've made for my health!

Araceli, USA FIT Austin