• Moved to Austin from Cleveland two years ago
  • Started running after college
  • Have ran a few half marathons, but want to finally conquer the full by running the Chicago Marathon
  • Have always been a solo runner, but wanted to join a training group for accountability and to make some friends who love running as much as I do

I have a week of training under my belt now and it has been a great experience so far. Starting out with a placement run on our first Saturday session, I found someone at my pace to run with and ended up in the Orange group! Lucky for me, there is a schedule through Austin FIT exclusively for the Chicago Marathon, so I followed it exactly for my weekday runs. It went well, but I quickly learned I needed to run in the morning (it’s HOT out there!). On our second Saturday run, I woke up bright and early, meeting a few runners who wanted to get an extra mile in before everyone arrived. We ran the boardwalk and saw the Austin skyline lit up in the dark, which was a great way to start my Saturday. From there, I broke off into the Orange group, where I joined two other runners doing a 5 min run/1 min walk interval.

I can see now why people recommend joining training groups like Austin FIT: I have a training schedule for my race, have ran two different routes already, and have shared my training with the friendliest and most welcoming runners. I already feel a part of the Austin FIT family and am excited for the rest of the summer!

Brittany, USA FIT Austin