I come from a soccer background and I loved the running. Soccer led to a meniscus injury, which led to biking and I fell in love. I then went back to soccer, which led to two meniscus tears and a detached hamstring injury. No more soccer.

After gaining 30 lbs and feeling a lot of anxiety, I got off the couch and started walking, which bored me, so I started running. After posting my runs on Facebook I was invited to Austin FIT, where much to my surprise, I ran my first 10K this year.

I love the challenge of running and this heat and humidity is definitely a challenge. I got so excited to finish a 10K that I was encouraged by my 10K coach to do a half - so here I am training for a half.

I run to encourage my 3 grand kids to get outdoors and play and it keeps my mind clear. I am encouraged to have fun by my fellow runners which I have to keep in perspective for every run. My biggest cheerleaders are my husband, my son and daughter and of course my Austin FIT family.

Dara, USA FIT Austin