My name is Praveen Reddy Patlolla and I moved from Portland, Oregon, to Austin a couple of years ago and I am an IBM engineer.

I joined Austin FIT last year with the intention of getting fit.

I am originally from India and I was told that 3Rs are important to succeed in life - Reading, wRiting & aRithmetic; however, I realized after moving to Austin that a fourth R - "Running" is important to stay healthy.

My goal was to log more miles towards getting and staying fit so I initially joined Austin FIT's half marathon program. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every run and made a lot of friends in the process. Then I paused whether to enroll for Austin FIT's full marathon program as the majority of the practice runs were in double digits, but I took a bold step, pushed myself harder, joined the full marathon program the next season and made a personal record by crossing the 20-mile mark. I am yet to finish my first marathon but I would like to get more practice before I sign up for a full marathon. Hence I joined the third installment of Austin FIT's marathon program 2017 summer. I ran 340 miles in a span of 10 months after joining Austin Fit.

The coaches of Austin Fit are great and I am so glad that I discovered "Jim Long,” my coach, as he shares the nuances of long runs, running hills, injury prevention etc...  I really enjoy Jim's interval training regime. A few years ago I had difficulty running 3 miles straight, but interval running is a lot better as I can now run more than 10 miles more often and easily.

Stay fit. Don't quit. Way to go "Austin Fit."

Praveen Patlolla, USA FIT Austin