The Will & Where for Austin Fit Runners – 12/7

Tomorrow – Saturday 12/7

Yes, we are meeting tomorrow! No, it won’t be as cold as that picture above! The weather is looking good so far, well cold but not sleeting. Click Here to check the local weather. If the weather changes for the worse, I will post updates by 5 AM on Facebook & the Austin Fit website.

We are meeting at Chase multi-story building on the corner of Burnet & Northcross at 6:50 AM. Please arrive on time as groups will head out no later than 7:01! We don’t want to stand around in the cold and wait. I have made the necessary corrections to the routes…click here to download.

  • Running Tomorrow: For those of you that do come and run tomorrow, please dress warm! 2 layers on top with a wind/water resistant jacket, and at least 1-2 pairs of tights/tights & pants on bottom. Wear gloves, headband/hat to cover your ears, and good socks. The weather will be in the upper 20s with the wind-chill around 15. Bring lots of warm clothes for after your run as well.
  • Dallas Runners: For those of you that were supposed to race Dallas…I am so sorry! Please let me know if you need help figuring out what to do now. Just email me or your coach and we can help. I know you are frustrated and disappointed. Continue to stay positive and find your next race. Again, email me if you need help or just want some advice. BCS Marathon has slots open for $50…click here now!
  • Decker Runners…good luck! It will be a great morning and you will kill those hills! Enjoy sleeping in tomorrow and I will see you all inside the Travis County Expo center before the race. 🙂

Questions: email – Jen at