Coach Diana: Spring Cap10k/Half Marathon (11 to 11:29)

  • Years Running – 9
  • Years with Austin Fit – 4
  • Number of Marathons – 3
  • Half Marathons – more than 20
  • Favorite Race – Austin 3M Half Marathon
  • Goal – Peacefulness and fitness

Diana became a long-distance runner in her early 40s. At first, she could barely run 2 minutes at a time -- but she stuck with it and eventually ran a 5K, a 10K, a half-marathon and, finally, a full marathon. Running clicked as a way to create a deeper sense of peacefulness and fitness. After completing her first marathon in 2013, Diana has run more than 20 half-marathons and she’s now training for her fourth full marathon at age 50 this year in the 50th running of the New York City Marathon. Diana says, “No matter your pace, the main idea is to enjoy it!” When Diana isn’t running, she works as a hospice chaplain in Austin, and she spends her leisure time appreciating the beauty of clouds and the wonders of Texas weather. Along with her husband, Dan, she is the proud parent of three young adults.