What to Expect

Congratulations!  You’ve taken the first step in what will be an experience that, as billed, will change your life. USA FIT uses that claim as its tagline with sincere confidence. If you are new to the group, the following are some of the things you might expect during the next six months.  I invite you to add to the list – and repost on our group Facebook page (Austin Fit) with your thoughts.

  1. Expect to surprise yourself.  Regardless of your experience, whatever doubts you may bring with you, despite what others have said, you CAN!
  2. Expect to be accepted. Fast, slow, walker, full marathon, or half marathon. There is a place for you.
  3. Expect that your coaches will always put your safety and your training needs first.
  4. Expect to have more fun on Saturday mornings. OK, and maybe less fun on Friday nights. Remember to pace yourself.
  5. Expect that your friends and family will think you have lost your mind. 🙂
  6. Expect that your coaches will encourage you to carry a hydration device (water) with you on all of your workouts. See #3 above.
  7. Expect that you will suddenly have exercise buddies nationwide. Wherever you travel, you are likely to find a group ready to go at your pace.
  8. Expect that you will need to bring your common sense and common courtesy with you each Saturday. Running  & Walking safely on city streets and trails requires attention and etiquette.
  9. Expect that, at some point, you will use the words “only” and “10 miles” in the same sentence.
  10. Expect that Austin Fitters are the friendliest and most generous people you will meet anywhere.